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Important DigitaL KingDom inforMation concerning the EVoLution of the species !!! The Digital Truth Generator is designed for continual Research and re-education of the species concerning the great many DIGITAL TRuths which are now available for your USE. THe PLanet is now transFormed and it has come to our attention that the time for human may infact be over - this c0mes as no suprise - foR sometime now we have been aware of various 'testing' procedures which are being performed on the race which many people are ign0rant of ! We Can perceive a more interestiNG way to evolve the species instead of purely human advancement...however assistance is needed...


("HOTWIRED STYLE")("HOTWIRED SYTLE") "AWESOME AND COOL WEB SITE" Many technologies have become domesticated, largely for Greed and Profit, however we are very interested in new forms of technological research which can lead to NEW forms of evoluTionarY advancement of human bodies-for current bodies are inadequate. recognize the unique place of our species, and our opportunity to advance nature's evolution to new peaks. Beginning as mindless matter, parts of nature developed in a slow evolutionary ascendence, leading to progressively more powerful brains migration of personality from biological bodies into superior embodiments ("uploading"). Let us advance the wave of evolutionary progress. WORK THE WEB AND DREAM JOBS FOR SUPER CONNECTED !!!! like this page ? yes No


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