LOGIN:EXCELSIOR PASSWORD:Romulan M.I.T MEDIA LAB PRESENTS: Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3  we have been conducting various experiments on both human/non human-digital evolution test subjects/nomads with surprising results in reference to the evolutionary transportation of 'cntainer bdies'to the next level of digitaL. Humans serve a particular function in our society,
however obsolete bodies have given rise to "new bodies" of family membors of the Digital Kingdom. In fact it is very pLeasing for us to witness fully functioning digital humans occuping important positions in our society as we speak - assisting othERS to become bouND together as digital human units. HUMAN REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS NEEDED !!! (For Digital-Human Negroponte Master Race) Bodies required !!!!!!!!! Do you have a body or knowledge of a body availaBle to us ? YesNo Is the Body of a living human/nomad ?(preferred)Yes No Can You arranGe transporatian of the body/nomad ?Yes No Does the body contain suitable reproductive organs ?Yes No Does the body have any known diseases ? Yes No Is the body/nomad gEnerally in a good condition ?Yes No Do you have knowledge of other bodies f0r future use ? Yes No Do you have any knowledge or affiliation with body/nomad reactionary groups ? Yes No Current Location of Body/nomad ? Malefemale Your Email Address
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