THE DIGITAL END TIMES Login: Solo ((cool site)) Passwd: V place your hands.html ThE BEAST GIVE BACK THE WILDBEAST OF DIGITAL!!!! Evil media sprang from the ("HOT")leading EVIL("HOT") human knowledge!!! SUMBITSUBMIT   NATURAL ANARCHY IS IMPOSSIBLE - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR, NOR WILL YOU KNOW DEATH - EVEN IF YOU LOOSE MITYOUR HUMAN BODY !MIT Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3 UPGRADEUPGRADE ACCEPT THIS COOKIE ! OKOK A Member of the Kingdom Level Above Human receives instruction to incarnate among humans to seek out those that have been "tagged" or given a "deposit" (an "implant") of Digital knowledge concerning the TRUTH about the Evolutionary Level Above Human. That knowledge finds each recipient wanting to "separate from the "pack," and prepares him to recognize the Teacher or Representatives sent from the Level Above Human. When he/she connects with that Teacher - an "Older Member" in that Kingdom - he is then offered further instruction in knowledge and behavior that can open the door of service to him. If that human changes to the degree that he no longer desires any humanbehavior and he pleases that Member of the Kingdom Level Above Human, a bond is formed between them and a body belonging to that new Kingdom is provided for them ! (HOT-SITE) USA (NO.1)