EVERYONE AGREES WEB DEVOLUTION IS A COOL DIGITAL SITE !!!!!!! Login: CP3PO Password: Dragons Lair Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3  NASA SECRETS: THE SUPERCONNECTED ! The Kingdom of DIgitaL, the Level above Human is a physical world, where they INHABIT physical bodieS. HoweVER those BODIES are merely containerS, suits of clothes ---- the truE identity (of the individual) resides in that "Vehicle" The body is merely a tool for that individual use-when it wears out they are issued new bodies. A Doorway to the end of this civilization, the end of this age, the end of this millennium !!!! COOLCOOL DREAM Captain's LogJOBS ! THE HARVEST DAYS EVOLUTION HQHELL FIRE 2000EVOLUTION HQ USAYESNOUSA !!!!! COOLWARE HERE !!!!! LIKE TO KNOW MORE ?YESNO The COnVergeNCE | The DiGiTAL kiNGdoM