LOGIN: THE DUNGEON MASTER PASSWORD: NET_WIZARD Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3   The human "weeds" have taken over the garden and disturbed its usefulness beyond repair !!! This IS a pLAce of DEATH - media of a dyinG worlD is to be found here beforE it disapears completley froM the worLD lIKE so many things before have It is a time for celEBRATIon a tIME of masS destrUCTION never Before SEEN in the worLD for old media wiLL be obliterateD foreover gONe and the DigitaL Will ReigN suprEME the old mEdia is in facT an abominatION in the FACE Of the allmighTY DIgitaL MEDIA of new techNlogicAL SYSTEMS Of the FUTURE!!!!
YOU WILL REMEMBER in regard to man's general condition at this epoch: the term 'digital improvement'has been applied to the progress of our civilization... let the music be your master/ You will heed the master's call.... embrace the new - celebtate the arrival of the new - the future enduring all importance- is happening now before your very eYes this is Not SciENce FictioN but people are like robots theY are cold and no emotions this tiMe wiLL pass Old media wiLL burn IN HELL!!!a place populated by extint dinosaurs, sea reptiles, flying serpents and other abnormal, grotesque creatures and monstrosities things that you can't imagine theY wiLL not survivE for ONLy the strONg caN survivE in thIS new WORLD the owners of zombie MEDIa wiLL be BanisheD froM sociETY nEver to retURN you peOPLE ARE OF A DEAD worlD a world
  that is oVER and finishED the alter Of ZOMBIE MEDIA 
 aims to celebRATE this DEATH to reveL in IT - TV must die 
forget the past obliterate the media of your worLD iT has 
 BEen overtaKen bY faster better MEdia Death to 
user of zombie Media they deservE to DIe like their 
media it will  make way for a stronger race of true 
              individuals of a new 
kinD which you cannot imagine because the world is caught 
iN a time warp of retrobut you must resist 
              this you 
 give waY to the NEw media and destroy the past it
 is a tiME forgotten 
already THE DIgiTAL BeAst
AGAINST ALL THE PEOPLE of the world !!!!! 
for it is a compleX world look at the problems things 
will only get worse - 'destroy' the past and its old technologY and its 
systems of thougHT look to the futURE the Past must be 
       buried IT is doOmeD,
 DEath is the answer to cinema televsion and Drive ins 
while The Worldwide Computer God Controls 
              the future generaTionS of tOmmoroW ! 
For I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the 
universal condition !
      Consult Digital heaLing 
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Earth Exit Statement or Human End Times
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