sponsored by Xerox Parc Research Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3  A Giant Intelligent Fibre Optic Two way communicatin system: Prepare yourself for Battle ! The diGital HaRvest DayS aRe nEar: (COOLWARE)****COOL CYBER SITE****(COOLWARE) LOGIN: DALEK Password: Death Star LASTDAYS EMBRACE THE DAY OF BATTLE! BECOME A SOLDIER OF THE DIGITAL CONVERGENCE and you will have power above and beyond normAl people of this world - you will be saved ! shova lucka marka suma, muka-larma somayerma kuma luka muka muka lucka shova shicka aka-sondee muma kumma harmafooger huga-muka larka muka-muka lucka shova muka muka yuckashovas muarka hummer hummer-marka larma somaroma-muka hucker shova shova isa isa kuma lucka hukea-lackamarka suma shicka-aka sondee icka akalerka muka shindee labuka shova suma shicka-aka iba liba-kuma luka hoga yershin inmitrima-shova--ChanneL and spread diGital wisDom of the new battleField to the multitudes of "anti family" members - using advanced technological languages of interactive two way communicatioN of neo suicide evolutionary advancement for the species !!! correct amount of hAtred embeded in new secret language: shova muka muka yuckashovas huzzer reeba larka hummer-marka larka simaroma-muka sondee shova shova isa kuma hukea-lackamarka suma shicka-ak HUMANS HAVE ACCEPTED THE FAIRY TALE OF A FALSE GOD, THEY REAMAIN IGNORANT OF THE NEXT LEVEL ABOVE HUMAN - THEIR SLEEPY STATE WILL HAVE THEM MISINTERPRET WHAT IS HAPPENING AS SOME SORT OF ALIEN INVASION ! DE-PROGRAMMING OF BIOLOGICAL CoMPUTERS (BRAINS) = YOU MUST LEAVE EVERYTHING of your humanness BEHIND, this requires the ultimate sacrifice - the sheeding of your human body $$$ HOTWIRED STYLE !!!! 20002000 accept this cookie ? yes No A genderless body is designed to function at afar more refined level. The Evolutionary Level Above Human !!!!!!!!!!  after shedding y0ur vehicle you will be taken to the next level of digital human COMPLETE DIGITAL-HUMAN TRANSFORMATION! ALL ASPECTS OF HUMAN MAMMALIAN BEHAVIOUR MUST BE OVERCOME AND REPLACED WITH THE WAYS OF THE DIGITAL KINGDOM (World Advertise these pages now) JOIN US JOIN US