Login: Luke Password: Neuromancer Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3     Captains log, December 17th 1997, 5pm: Humans are becoming incresaingly difficult to maintain, for they remain ignorant of the level above human! Captains log, Feb 19th 1998, 1am: "The Empire will strike back !" Captains log, Feb 23rd, 1998, 6.12 am Take good care of your vehicles (container bodies) so they can serve you well ! Captains log, March 1st, 1998, 9pm The human family will provide bodies ! (a human infant) Captains log, April 7th 1998, 10.45pm: Castrated Fully desirable Humans of the Digital !!!!! Captains log, April 8th 1998, 4am: To remember the luckiness of total digital evolution in super Human Spam-Style Suicide !!!!!! Captains log, May 27th 1998, 7.20pm: "Chewbacca!" Captains log, June 2nd 1998, 11 am: Humans are growing suspicious of Digital Kingdom 'Container bodies' Captains log, June 19th, 1998, 10.46pm: liba-kuma luka hoga yershin inmitrima-shova !!!! Captains log, June 24th 4pm: Temporal creatures are not designed to comprehend the Level above Human.This "Next Level" Kingdom designed the "temporal" world outside its "borders" and designed temporal creatures as "containers" to inhabit while in the human "classroom." No.1No.1   "The Worldwide Computer God Controls the future generaTionS of tOmmoroW" -Nicholas Negroponte (((("HOTWIRED STYLE")))) check it out !  Over 689,856 saved !!???THE YEAR 2000!!!!?? natural non living states (atoms) natural Living stAtes (living Creatures) unnatural living states (rob0ts capable of tHought and reproduction) like this page ? yes No NO.1 GO: OFFICIAL WEB SITE !