cyber, digitalLogin: Khandigital, cyber Password: Leia "No.1"Web DevoLUtion "No.1" Choose Evolutionary Level: 1 2 3   2000!2000! Cncept, GRaphiCs, aniMation, and MuTaTion: Ian Haig 1998   (COOL) WeB DevolUTioN REfereNCEs (COOL)   SounD and MUsic: Philip SamArtzis   DeSignEd For NeTScape 4.0 (Mac: 640 x 480)

WeB DevoLutIOn was ProducDuced wiTH thE aSsisTance of THe AusTrALian Film CoMmiSsion and ThE Australia CounciL's New MeDia ARts FUnd, 1997
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