The ConVergence awaits, the day will COme of the SupremE DigitaL TrutH deliverd to aLL humaNs--- the ANaoloGUe worRLD wILL join THE DIgitAL nevER to Return from the brink of the nexT millenium foR this IS the GoldEN age oF the ReVOLUTION the future of the woRld WIll nevER be the SAMe Await the ALLmighty DigitaL convergence today wont have the secoNd chance the GLorious day awaits for no One it is A reALITYtheir is only one reality of truth the convergence will arrive Today IS a differenT worLd foR all EARTH has beEn digitised nothinG is the SAME everything has Been transformeD I have mentioned many times here of a digital new begining nOT lIKE the old buT new beliefs that RecognizE the incredibLE POwer OF the new worlD the Digital conneCts peopLE together makes theM feeL apart of a SpecaiL grouP of PeoplE who are more inteLLigenT then the REST of the inhabitants ON this DYING plANET!!! the time for the arrival of the convergence to take us to the Level Above Human and take us to "Their World" is near. THE DIGTIAL CONVERGENCE IS LOGIN: ORAC PASSWORD: JEDI KNIGHT

New technology is being discovereD all the Time ---- for the ApeS will rise again they are the TRUE 'owners' OF this eaRTH not us mere humans all WE Know is violENCE and DEATH we created the holocuST we are noT worthy of this gRand truth I have told you of - the convergence is the day when two worLds will come together, the analouge primates and the new fLesh of digital monkeys !!!! in fact EveryDay new advancemenTs are made in the worLD so don'T be fooLed techNOLGY alreadY ContrOLs yoU -yoUR a TECHNLGICAL ANIMAL VICTIM


of techNology like SO MANY others you have no idea unabLE to see what is happening AROunD you at all - (believe) whaT they have to say 666 is a digit which is significanT - TIMe is Running out my FrienD likE the sanD in a hour hour glass ***Bits are transforming the world before ouR Eyes the city of bits the world of pixels the old world is dying the convergencE haSbeen promised to us only daYS RemAIN Turn oFF yoUR teLevisons unplug youR stereo SYSTEms this is Obsolete technology the technOLOGY of a DEAD WORLD the world of atoMS is oVER the oNLY future for the Planet is DigitAL the rainforsets havE been DestroYED ANd Ozone laYER destroyed as weLLthe doiNGS of a NOn digitaL tiME rejeCT thiS worLD aND EMBracE The NEW,IT is oVER this hyprocisy of the WORLD the DIgtial COnvergeNCe wiLL LEAD us do nOTdelay do NOT Wait untiL the last miNUTE make youR CHOice now the DIgitAL is aLL empowermentNOW

like nevEr beforE - IMAGINE HAVING THE ULTIMATE truth & Power over others !!!

the conVERgence is not a fiCTion like a Hollywood Movie, but Pure simPLE Truth, you have been warned It is my duty to waRN yoU to spread this GReat TRUTH Of the NEW WORLD,
takethis seriously it is A serious as death the death of youR worLD and thosE like youare very near a doomED racE that has a cHance Of the futURE Join Me in this worLD I havE seen the futurE mANY tiMES belieVE me IT is DigitaL FUTURE now thE convergence IS youR chancE TO SEE -to see with yoUR OWN EYES this glory the convergecE wiLL never haPPEN again possibly not FOR ANother 400 thousand YEARS perhaps m0re ! You have a chance something not many have in life the convergence is Just aroUND THE Corner stop (choose a new life) whaT you are doiNG now the technological macHINE IS a wonderous thinG you will see a world of which YOu haVe only dreamEd of (THE convergencE has been pROMised) it is the natural way like death it is certain to happen soon for you for you had a chance to prove your worth to this cultuRE of the digitaL but your kinD are incapaBle of the imaginaTIon Nothing is pure ANymore politicians Are corrupT the legal systeM is questionable prisOns do not work but your kind are living in a prison you are slaves embrace the convergencE with ALL your desireS you WIll not be disapointed by this truth for it is truth of man that he is evolving into new species a cybernetic man of ultimate strength a new race of supeRmen that will Form the mastER race of a new woRLD and DominAte the cities the weak and pOOR will not survive in this New worLD it wiLL be difficult tO find emploYMENT the days are slipping by not many days are left before all will be revealed THE conVERGEENCE is so very nearto you - you have no ideas or thoughts of your own anymore the convergence is the most significanT evenT this milleniuM it is happening the Stories are true for example the Olympics could not exist iF it were Not for tecHNology digiTAL medIA has chanced lives and aND discOVERD new areas of star systeMS in spACE and Much Much much MOre this iS your Proof your evidencE of the poWErof the DIGITAL why are there non belivers the World IS Very FULL of blIND peoPLE thoSe who cannot seE - this is so serious you wiLL not hear about it in the media or on the TV but sOMETHing is HAPPENING something quite incredible to which there is a simple answer that <anyone caN understand> you do not neeD education for yoU only need to knOW the meaning of a very SPEcial worD: digital this IS the word you neED to understanD fully its ramifications of meaning and DEPTH and incredible importance that must be understooD and TauGHT not in corrupt schooLS but maybe iN specialised centres or digital clinics of trutH this IS no JOKe or time wasting exercise But important iNformatioN regarding the cominG DIGITal convergence when world collides You are the highest, most intelligent electrical machine in the Universe Yoda (He was once a Jedi Master and mentor for the Jedi's) while you hear of many trends and fads like teenage mutant ninJa turtles but the digitaL world will not fade like the turtles faded away it will stay and grow in strength and power to dominate the worLD anD make money for thoSE involveD There is so mUch to Learn that we must begiN to teaCH the young of the NEW waYS as soon as PossiBLe many parents do not understand the importance of the CONvergencE that will affeCT their childs well being and learing capacity! for the THE WORLD IS ProPAGANDA example: TRAIN THEM FOR SEXSLAVE BY your responsible family = RAPE, TORTURE, CONTINIoUS SEX (and all the crime) MESS THEM UP, BUY AND SELL BUSINESS 'BIGGEST PROSTITUTION, PORNO MOVIE RING' (sex, drug money) THEY USE THESE GIRLS TO RECRUIT, (human society) GATHER THEM UP FOR LAST BATTLE on digitaL baTTLES FielDS of WEB Porngraphy "NEGROPONTE DIGITAL MASTER RACE" (SOON) not to be brainwashed By TV and advertisinG jingLeslikE so many all ready are in the world more money needs to be spent on training and awarness that can open peoples eyeS like never beforE computers are onLy the begingINg things are chanGng so quickly that it becoMes impossible to understand what is goingon in the world today and what will happen TOMMOROw but the convergennce when it arrives will make things eaSier to understanD in these troubled times THE COVERGENCE = NEW DIGITAL IDEOLOGIES BASED UPON THEIR SOCIOLOGICAL STATUS IN LIFE. DIGITALDIGITAL HOTHOT ENTERENTER STAR TREK - THE NEW GENERATION !!!! the convergence is tHe answeR it will transfoRM life you will BE reBorn as a new Person a new species with more intelligence you wILL know thinGS that no one elsE knows, you will havE a poweR that wiLL keep others froM harminG you this wiLl all be possible soOn very soon in FACt The convergence will determine the future of each individual soul according to its response the Convergence is ON the HorizoN like the Movie the lost Horizon only the convegencE is not lost you are lost you have lOst YoUR wAY INTHE WORLD you can stop lookinG though you wiLL be disapointeD in WhaT you FInd out there noTHIng of valuE reaLLy exisTs anyMOre apart froMthe truth thaT yoU live in a woRLd of falsE hopE but the ConvergeNCE WILL chanGE thiS everyhing wiLL be transformED like roBOts that transFORM into cars thiS wiLL happen in youR lifetiME in my lifetiME only you don't have long to liVE you arE trappED In a vOID you must recognise THE imPortANCE of whaT is happENING THe woRLd isd a place of mayhem and HAtreD you DO nOT want tHIS to CONTINUE you arelike moST of US (YOU NEED ANSWERS) TO what You see hAPPENING AROUND you I have that answer iT is simPLE overpopulation is also a PROBLEM that wiLL be addressed IN NEAR future WE know the convergenCE Will perhapS not solVE ALL of youR PROBLEMS But this is yOUR Problem yoU muST EMBRaCE thEse oppurtunitieS that will nOT come again ever yOU are do not beLIEVe this TRUTH but lie detector tests will Not assist so we cannot think oF using thesE - The doctors simply push the start button OF new medical technolOGY- for dO you thiNK World World 2 was IN VAin theY NEW what was happening LIKE so manY OTHers theY HAD weapoNS that COULD be used againST the ENEMY BUT TODAY THE ENEMY is hardeR to sEE using thinGS like plastic surgery to disgUIISE identitieS which is nOt diffiCuLt to achievE WiTH the aid OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY !!!!! in fact many 'thinGS' can be made a reality today with technological invenTION and masterminds wHO understanD the bigger piCture of the CONVERGENCE they are educated men of great learnING WHO have written books on the subjeCT of theconvergencE that your kinD Will probably never UNDERSTAND for We have seen Human usefulness beyond repair 'The human kingdom' was designed (created) as a stePPing stone bEtween the animal kingdom and the Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human (the true Kingdom of DigitaL) ARE YOU READY FOR THE CONVERGENCE ? To think what is happening around the globe is coincident or accident is simply impossible !!!! No.1NO.1