Ian Haig works across media, from video, sculpture, drawing, technology based media and installation. Haig’s practice refuses to accept that the low and the base level are devoid of value and cultural meaning. His body obsessed themes can be seen throughout a large body of work over the last twenty years. Previous works have looked to the contemporary media sphere and its relationship to the visceral body, the degenerative aspects of pervasive new technologies, to cultural forms of fanaticism and cults, to ideas of attraction and repulsion, body horror and the defamiliarisation of the human body.
ian haig
Zoso, 2007
Collaborative mixed media installation, with Darren Tofts and Philip Samartzis
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ZOSO is a ceremonial work of transformation. You will not be the same when you leave the gallery. You will think differently about vinyl and antique wood finish. You will never take a Persian rug for granted again. The occult coupling of Jimmy Page and Aleister Crowley will capture your senses. You will become ZOSO.

In the hermetic tradition of the magu, you will commune between the worlds of matter and spirit with the Theremin. And you will come to know that there is no such thing as silence and that words have two meanings. Words, symbols, sounds and images will resonate anew. The world will be transformed to the power of 666.

And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last.

Rock music was designed to be transported, captured in the dark matter of vinyl and brought back to life through the rediffusion of hi fidelity. The stylus is to the turntable what the wand is to the magus. Jimmy Page channelled the airwaves with the theremin, the electronic conductor of the spectral. His violin bow is the anachronous coupling of spiritualism and cock rock, a relic from a different age, the sword that invoked the Egyptian god Anubis, the black dog, the despoiler, messenger from the afterlife.

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